Series of Lectures Contemporary Themes of FGV EPGE discuss trash collection in Rio de Janeiro slums

Date of the event: 04/09/2013 - 14:00

FGV EPGE - Brazilian School of Economics and Finance carried out, on April 9th, the seventh lecture of the series “Contemporary Themes”, which brings to the academic environment the debate of current issues of great social relevance. This time the organizers counted with the partnership with Team FGV Rio Enactus.

Mrs. Rosangela Tertuliano, representative of Movimento Amigos do Rio Joana (Movement Community Friends of Joan River), Mr. Dell Delambre, professor and sustainability consultant, Professor Mariana Cavalcanti, anthropologist at FGV CPDOC and Professor Jair Koiller, of FGV EMAp, attended the lecture.  Professors Luis Henrique B. Braido, Vice-director of the Undergraduate Program, and Professor Rubens Penha Cysne, Dean, represented FGV EPGE at the event and the undergraduate students Otto Tavares, Lereno Soares and Vinicius Almeida represented Time FGV Rio Enactus. During her presentation, Mrs. Tertuliano explained that the Movement Friends of Joan River was created with the objective of increasing the population of Andarai neighborhood’s awareness of the problems caused by disposing trash into the river. She highlighted the importance of educating the population in order to keep the river clean and preserve the environment. The Movement counts with consultant Dell Delambre’s help for the implementation of a “Ecomuseu” (ecological museum).

The Community itself participates in the process of formulation, execution and maintenance of the Project, which aims at maintaining Andarai neighborhood’s memory, boosting tourism and increasing population’s awareness of the community’s needs.

During the event, Team FGV Rio Enactus presented their Project of a cooperative which relocates “trash” back into productive cycle.Their objective is to place solid waste in adequate places, generating income for the community and improving the neighborhood’s sanitary conditions. The event was closed after discussion of the concepts and proposals presented therein.

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