New Urban Parks Management Models: The Case of Flamengo Park

Date of the event: 06/29/2016 - 09:00

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In partnership with Arq. Futuro, FGV/Direito Rio held on July 29th, at FGV headquarters, a seminar about the management of urban parks in Brazil. The event received researches from FGV  - Direito Rio CPDE (Law and Economics Research Center) and CDMA (Environmental Research Center) and representatives of the Rio City Council and Arq. Futuro. The seminar focused on debate the regulatory modeling approach of urban parks management, with emphasis in the Flamengo Park case, which is located in the South Zone of Rio de Janeiro.

The speakers present at the event were Antonio Porto, Professor at FGV Direito Rio; Professor Rubens Penha Cysne, Director of FGV/EPGE; Tomas Alvim, Arq. Future; Washington Fajardo, Rio World Heritage Institute; Patricia Sampaio, Professor at FGV Direito Rio; Romulo Sampaio, FGV Direito/Rio Professor; Arícia Fernandes Correa, Attorney of the City Rio de Janeiro; Carlos Augusto Junqueira, Flamengo Park Institute; Gabriela Marins, BR Marinas; Raquel Domingues from Aron Birmann Foundation.