EPGE receives indian economist Sir Partha Dasgupta

Date of the event: 02/26/2013 - 09:00


The Getulio Vargas Foundation Graduate School of Economics (FGV/EPGE) received the Indian economist Partha Dasgupta on February 26, for the lecture "Green National Accounts," which was organized by EPGE’s Professor Aloisio Araujo. Considered one of the world's experts in environmental economics, Dasgupta developed the concept of the inclusive wealth of nations and spoke about the concept of an Environmental GDP.

Dasgupta believes that measuring the wealth of countries by GDP is an error and advocates the creation of new indicators that include three types of assets: capital "industrialized" or physical capital (machines, buildings, infrastructure, etc.); human capital (education and skills of the population) and natural capital (land, forests, minerals and fossil fuels i.e. data that shows if we are destroying the productive base that sustains our welfare). Professor Dasgupta’s research interests include poverty issues, economic development, nutrition, economics of technological change, population and the environment, among others.

Among his articles are, "Economic Theory and Exhaustible Resources," "The Control of Resources", "An Inquiry into Well-Being and Destitution," "Social Capital: A Multifaceted Perspective”, and "Human Well-Being and the Natural Environment." Partha Dasgupta is a Professor Emeritus of Economics at Cambridge University, a member of St John's College, and a research professor at the University of Manchester.

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