Elements for Data Engineering - Professional Master's in Economics and Finance

Date of the event: 10/19/2023 - 10:00

The subject “Elements in Data Engineering” of the Professional Master's in Economics and Finance (EPGE) program aims to provide students with instruments and knowledge to use useful computational infrastructures for data analysis, including in the cloud and on the concept of Big Date. To achieve effective and lasting results, data scientists need to find a technological and organizational infrastructure that is conducive to the evolution of their socioeconomic analyses. The elements involved in this ""path"" are covered fluidly by the scientist, leveraging his projects. We will look at some of these paths, defined here as data engineering elements. As an alternative to the conventional External Selection process, students who achieve a grade equal to or greater than 7 (seven) in the subjects 'Elements for Data Engineering' or 'Concessions and PPPs in Infrastructure' will be automatically admitted to the Professional Master's program in Economics and Finance (EPGE).

For more information about the Program, visit https://epge.fgv.br/pt/pos-graduacao/mfee/descricao