EPGE performs Magna Lecture for undergraduating students with Roberto Castello Branco

Date of the event: 02/23/2011 - 14:00

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FGV/EPGE- Brazilian School of Economics and Finance received on February 23rd, the VALE's Director of Investor relations, Dr. Roberto Castello Branco, for the opening class of school year.

Castello Branco, with postdoctoral fellow at the University of Chicago, won the first doctoral degree in economics provided by a national institution (EPGE in 1981). Prior to his position as director in Vale, Castello Branco guided his career the most diverse areas of an economist performance: he was a professor of EPGE, Director of the Central Bank and private financial institutions. With his long experience, he presented the students an overview of what the market expects from a professional in the economy of the area and how it should be prepared to succeed in their careers.

Going through various other topics such as economics, political conflicts, global crises and China, Roberto spent half of his time to questions from the audience, which also took the opportunity to learn more about Vale and its global operations.

The Magna class took place in the Auditorium M. F. Thompson Motta and was attended by over a hundred people, including students, teachers and school staff.