EPGE holds a Welcome Ceremony for successful candidates in the 2021 Graduation selection process

Date of the event: 12/09/2021 - 18:30

On December 9th, EPGE held the Graduation 2022 Welcome Ceremony to the candidates approved in the Vestibular. The event was attended by the Academic Exchange Coordinator, Andressa Rasmusen Amaya; the Coordinator of the Internship and Career Development Center (NEDC), Beralda Lima; the representative of the Pedagogical Support Nucleus (NAP), Claudia Helena Peçanha Cossich Pereira; the Coordinator of the Academic Registration Secretariat, Elzinara Conceição de Almeida; the graduate student, Emanuelle Peixoto Nunes (2019 class); the Coordinator of Graduation, Professor José Féres; the former doctoral student (class 2016) and undergraduate professor, Katia Aiko Nishiyama Alves, the representative of the academic entity FGV+ and graduate student (class of 2020), Perla Rocha; the undergraduate professor, Renato Fragelli; the Director of EPGE, Professor Rubens Penha Cysne; the representative of the Pedagogical Support Nucleus (NAP), Tatiane Rosa Santos; of the graduation professor, Silvia Maria Matos.

Event date: 12/09
Time: 18h30
Platform: Zoom