EPGE Commencement - 2012

Date of the event: 09/20/2012 - 19:00

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The FGV/EPGE Brazilian School of Economics and Finance held, on September 20th, the graduation of Masters and PhD scholars and Professional Masters in Finance and Business Economics.

The principal of FGV/EPGE led the event, which also had the participation of representatives at the table, Master Academic, Professional Doctorate and Masters. Students and guests heard the lecture by Professor Marcelo Neri EPGE currently Chair of the IPEA, on Brazil's performance and its improvement on issues such as inequality and sustainability in recent years. Professor Rubens Penha Cysne, principal of FGV/EPGE, building on the speech praised Marcelo Neri, related inequalities of income and wealth national institutions originals on which sat the colonization of the Americas.

The ceremony was also remarked by the discourse of Costellini Clara graduate, who described the EPGE as a "complete program capable of meeting the most varied interests in various research areas and a staff of highly qualified professors and great skills." Clara recalled important moments of course, always very emotional.

The ceremony ended with a cocktail party, where new professors and doctors were able to celebrate achievement and receive the success votes from the attendees.

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