Graduation featuring the Main Lecture by Professor Jose Julio Senna

Date of the event: 03/16/2012 - 14:00

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On March 16th, FGV/EPGE - Brazilian School of Economics and Finance held the lecture "The Monetary Policy: Keynes to Inflation Targeting Regime" with Professor Jose Julio Senna.

The lecture "The Monetary Policy: Keynes to Inflation Targeting Regime" was held on March 16th with Professor Jose Julio Senna, Managing Partner at MCM Consultores Associados and member of the FGV Board, who discussed the importance intellectual Keynes, the reformist character of his work, a change of opinion due to the Great Depression and its influence on economic thought in the post-War.

Senna also spoke of Milton Friedman and his effort to convince the public in the 50 and 60 that inflation was a major problem, which deserved to be studied thoroughly, and that monetary policy offered the solution to combat it. The speaker closed the Classroom emphasizing the importance of Keynes and Friedman in the evolution of economic thought in the 20th century, showing how both, in their time, they anticipated many of the issues surrounding the installation and operation of the present regimes of Inflation Targeting.

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